Services Provided By BBLine Realty

Variety of choice

We have a large database of properties that provides you many options to choose from, some are listed on our publicity mediums while some are only accessible internally.

Free listing

We have multiple publicity mediums that your property will be listed on, it increases the reach to a bigger market and hence a possible early sale. We also provide a professional photographer to take pictures of your property at no cost to you. The mediums of publicity we use are listed below:

Legal Service

We have a legal team that has years of experience to help and guide you with all the necessary legal works with regards to the sale, rent or purchase of your property.

Agent service

Our Agents will assist you in the following ways.

Loan Assistance

This is a very useful service we intend to provide in the months ahead, but as of right now we are in talks with certain banks and NBFC’s and can only begin once we come to a fruitful conclusion.

Property Management

With the rise in MNC’s and other investments pouring into Sikkim, there is a huge requirement of apartments and rooms for working professionals in Sikkim. For Home owners wanting to give their property on rent or lease but do not have the time to look after the contracts, you can now avail our Property Management Service We provide:

The Rent amount can be decided by you or as per our research and recommendation. We collect rent amount and directly transfer it to your bank account. We will bear the advertisement and publicity cost.

We will advise you with regards to certain value adding measures that could increase the rent amount and occupied faster, like clean appearance, fresh paint etc.

We also have a screening process to insure that only good qualified tenants are selected, like employment, former landlord history, no eviction, late payment and criminal history.

The cost of any repairs or maintenance will be borne by the owner however if it is the requirement of the tenant then they will be responsible for the payment or as per the Rental or lease agreement.

Hotels and Resorts can also avail similar services.