How It Works


Browse through our listing and zero in on what suits your budget, fill in the enquiry form and click send .we will call you back within 12 -24 hours. Or you can simply call us at the numbers mentioned on the contact us page. We will arrange for the property visit.


Click on the option Sell, you will get a drop down menu, select the property type (if what you plan to sell is not mention, please select the option - Others). You will get a form, fill it up and attach any pictures you may have of the property. For additional information click on the additional information tab, then click create. We will review it and contact you for further details.


Click on Tenants and you get the whole list of properties available for rent.


Click on To-Let tab, you will get a drop down menu, select property type you wish to-let out. You will then get a form, Fill the form with pictures and additional information, click create tab. We will review it and contact you for further detail.

Other Suggestions

Read our Blogs for useful tips and information.

Register with us and get the details of new properties.

Contact us and share your ideas/information that can earn you monetary incentives.

Connect with our Social networking Sites for additional information.

Click on “Others“tab for property listings outside the state of Sikkim and our business associates.

Click on BBline ventures tab to know more about our other businesses.

Click on “Offers” tab to know the budget and the requirement we are offering and whether you can fulfil the requirement within the said budget.