About Us


BBLine is a Sikkim based company with many business verticals. It started as a Tours and Travel company to give a professional touch to the Hospitality/Tourism sector and pioneer Adventure Tourism in Sikkim, since then it has now diversified into two more ventures, Organic Sikkim and BBLine Realty. There is also a definitely plan to diversify further into other areas of business as and when the need and opportunity arises.


Since the spring of 2014 the R&D team of BBline had been doing some research and conducting surveys, prodding on areas of opportunity and employment, entrepreneurship and resources within the State of Sikkim. On the conclusion of these surveys we were able to practically and successfully identify certain areas of business which had immense growth potential, most of them had a convenient business legal support system, while some had strict legal guidelines, but worth the time and investment. One such idea gave birth to BBLine Realty.


BBLine Realty - The Sole purpose of this company is to be a brokerage firm (real estate transaction Service Company) that provide consultancy services, purchase and sell immobile properties, develop properties for proper living and commercialization in Sikkim.

We also provide free listing of properties for owners and brokers via our Website, Magazine, Hording boards and Social networking sites. Additionally, we also time and again select certain properties and provide free listings via Newspapers, Television and Video billboard through some of our media business associates. Although our main focus is only the state of Sikkim, our website will have a link that will be termed as ‘Others”, this particular link is meant for listing properties in other states of India, hence we can also assist you with properties outside our state through our business associates.


We are here because we saw a problem. Every problem is an opportunity. Let us illustrate, have you ever felt the frustration of having to pay, two different fares to travel the same distance, using similar medium of transport, or the prices of the same products that varies from shop to shop.

Now that does not happen with oil at a gas station, Does it? Well that is because these basic products has a prioritized system, a legal guideline at place. No doubt, our Government has such policies and circulars to keep a check for everything else, but when it comes to land and property deals, it is a Broker’s world; land rates are inflated to unreasonable scale that even to start negotiations seems embarrassing. Here in Sikkim a good legitimate professional Real Estate firm is yet to make its mark.

Here a broker is anybody and everybody, he is not a professional but an opportunist, one time deal sort, and he is not around to give you council, help you with documentation or the completion of the whole deal, hence when they get paid they never get what they were expecting but it should not matter because an unlisted broker does not pay tax.

These issues need to be addressed if Sikkim is to move forward towards development of infrastructures and commercialization whether via the public or private sector.

Before investing in the real estate sector in Sikkim, one must be well aware of the land laws of the state, because of certain reservation laws, there is the notion that real estate would not work in Sikkim. “That is false”. The state of Sikkim is in fact pro development and a fast emerging market with regards to Tourism, Pharmacy, IT, Casino and online Gaming, Organic Agro business, Education, Automobile, Power and Brewery etc. Well does that not make for a viable ground in the areas of constructions, housing projects and land acquisition, indeed it does, hence another good reason for us to exist.


BBline main office is located at YAMA building, above HDFC Bank, M.G.Marg. Gangtok. We are open 10am till 6 PM. We also have a city office at Lajpat Nagar 11, New Delhi.


When it comes down to investing in land and real estate, money is not the only thing, there are many factors you need to consider, location, size, soil condition, property history, market value, resale value, future prospect etc.. Obviously the hot zones will easily be identified that is common sense, but surely it is not an easy task to know where the next big population explosion is about to happen, especially with all the rumours and speculation in the marked manufactured by part time-unlicensed brokers that do not follow any business ethics.

Therefore we recommend you to visit our office or call us or visit our website www.bbline.co.in with your queries, we do not charge you to consult us .Once we are able to resolve your queries, we will recommend certain tailored offers that is based upon your budget and requirement. We make it convenient by giving you multiple options to choose from and also arrange free site visitation.

Hence we can confidently assure you of an excellent value for your money, without any abhorrent inflated price. Our reputation is priceless and our aim is to be an example, a benchmark to all the other businesses in terms of Service delivery, Client satisfaction and social responsibility.

Please feel free to contact us for free listing, consultancy services and investments. We assure you of a transparent, valuable and committed service in a mutual beneficial way.